We hear on the news all of the time about the threat of global warming. Evidence proves that the Earth’s climate is warming and this trend is threatening to cause flooding in the coastal cities. If you look at a satellite image the state of Florida from even 20-30 years ago, you can see changes in the coastline because of the rise in sea levels. As more information comes on about melting ice caps and warming ocean waters, those who live around the coast should look into getting flood insurance from a reputable flood insurance agency like Superior Flood. Here is what we know about the potential dangers when it comes to rising sea levels.

Recently, a paper by a renowned scientist, James Hansen, came out that says that water levels are rising more quickly than originally thought.  He says that the sea levels could rise as much as a couple of meters in the next 100 years. This prediction is calculated using a conservative increase in water temperature of 2 degrees celsius. If the results of this man’s paper are true, this could mean a disruption in a huge number of people’s lives.

Other papers from other researchers say that another reason for the rise in sea levels could stem from a surge in severe weather and increased precipitation. The rush of water during a storm on the coast can increase the risk of flooding as well.

Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population lives in a coastal area and the news that sea levels are increasing can be scary. If you are concerned about flooding, talk to a flood insurance agent at Superior Flood about getting flood insurance today.