Most homeowners in America think that they don’t need a flood insurance policy. In fact, there are only about 5.3 million flood insurance policies in the United States. Many people think that because they don’t live on a floodplain or near water that they are safe from floods. The truth is, if you get rain, you should consider home flood insurance.  According to, all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods in the last five years.

Let’s face it; no one ever expects the worst. We never think that our home will be broken into. We never think that we will get into a car accident. Yet, we always get insurance to protect us from paying too much replacing items or medical bills. It only makes sense to get flood insurance as well. As we learned in our last blog, flood insurance covers more than just the house.

Think of it this way; if you live in a low crime area, do you still lock your car or house? Most of us would say yes because the one time you don’t is the one time there is a thief in that area and will break in, stealing all of your possessions. Sure, you may be in a low-risk area for flooding but, as we have seen, we are getting increasingly more dangerous weather all over the country in the last five years.

It is better to be prepared for the worst rather than not prepared at all. Save yourself the heartache of losing everything to a 100-year flood and get your flood insurance policy today.