1. 5 Troublesome Myths About Flood Insurance

    As providers of high quality flood protection, we’re always saddened when customers try to explain why they don’t need to buy flood insurance. Over the years, we’ve heard every myth and excuse in the book, and we know how much damage this misinformation can cause. It’s our desire for everyone to be protected in the case of a flood, no matter where they live or how much of a threat they per…Read More

  2. Is Mold Growing In Your Home After Flooding?

    It can sometimes be difficult to justify the cost of flood insurance, especially if you don’t live near bodies of water or in a climate where flooding is common. That’s why Superior Flood Inc. offers comprehensive policies at an affordable price that puts flood coverage within the reach of all homeowners. Seeing water invade your home can be shocking. In the hours and days after a flood, it’…Read More