We’ve Got You Covered

Superior Flood Insurance means the best coverage for LESS. With us, you can save 20 – 50 percent* on your premiums AND get the best flood insurance coverage on the market.

Up to 50% savings*

NFIP premium costs have tripled in the past decade. We can get you better coverage for up to half the price.

We cover your basements contents

Superior Flood offers comprehensive flood coverage. Most people don’t know that their NFIP policy does not cover basement contents. If you were ever to experience a disaster you would be able to rest assured knowing we have you covered.

We have loss of use flood coverage on residential properties**

This type of flood insurance covers the  reasonable and necessary time required to rebuild, repair or replace your property.

Less wait time

Our policies only require a 10-day wait whereas NFIP’s standard wait time is 30 days. And if you are closing a loan, in many cases, we can move faster.

Less paperwork – No need for an Elevation Certificate

It is not necessary to complete the lengthy elevation certificate to get home flood insurance, we don’t need it.

Complies with NFIP guidelines and we’re lender approved

We are in compliance with all government requirements for flood insurance. And because of this, we can confidently say your lender will approve our flood policies.

Cover perils that not covered by your homeowner’s insurance

Which is a flood of course but also includes Volcanic eruption as well as Earthquake in most states.***

Online purchase

Superior Flood is always here to help and answer your questions. And with us, you can get a quote and purchase your flood insurance in a matter of days rather than weeks.

We have been doing this a long time

Superior flood is an expert in the flood insurance market and can answer most of your question.

We’re a cover holder of Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s of London is the very first insurer, the strongest and oldest (est. 1688) They are A+ Rated, AM Best and our underwriting policies help keep our rates down for those who qualify.


*Estimated annual premiums are for high-risk flood areas and do not include applicable state and local taxes or service fees. Coverages and billing options are subject to state availability, individual qualification and/or underwriting guidelines. Actual FEMA premiums may vary slightly based on the construction and elevation of a particular property.

** This coverage is has a Max limit of $2000.

***Earthquake is excluded in CA,WA,OR,NV,UT,AR,TN,KY,IL,MO and SC