Most of the time, when you hear about the need for flood protection in the news, it’s during the aftermath of a destructive storm or other disaster that destroyed people’s homes.

As trusted flood protection providers for more than 20 years, Superior Flood Inc. knows that nothing reinforces the need for a quality flood insurance policy the way that a first-hand experience can.

Flash-Flooding Strikes Without Warning

In late June 2016, widespread flash flooding wreaked havoc across several West Virginia counties, taking 23 lives, destroying numerous homes, and resulting in a state of emergency declared by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin. Those affected by this crisis learned the benefit of quality flood protection in a way that few of use will (hopefully) ever experience.

However, from this sad occurrence comes stories of redemption.

Country Music Star Helps West Virginia Rebuild After Flooding

This week we learned that country music legend Brad Paisley is contributing his effort and financial support to a product that will help rebuild homes lost in the flooding.

Paisley, a West Virginia native whose crowdfunding website campaign for flood relief has a goal of $1 million, said in a statement issued by project organizers that he encourages others to “step up and donate for the many West Virginians still in need.”

Superior Flood Inc. Provides Affordable Flood Protection

The best way to be protected from a flood is to have top quality flood protection before the waters begin to rise. As the situation in West Virginia demonstrates, you never know when a flood will occur and you’ll rarely have time to prepare when it does.

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