1. Country Music Star Rebuilds Homes Lost To Flooding In West Virginia

    Most of the time, when you hear about the need for flood protection in the news, it’s during the aftermath of a destructive storm or other disaster that destroyed people’s homes. As trusted flood protection providers for more than 20 years, Superior Flood Inc. knows that nothing reinforces the need for a quality flood insurance policy the way that a first-hand experience can. Flash-Flooding St…Read More

  2. 4 Surprising Things Not Covered By NFIP Flood Policies

    Most individuals realize that a home is a serious investment. Because of this, most people take all of the necessary precautions to protect their investment. You may purchase homeowner’s insurance to make sure that unforeseen damages and liability are taken care of. Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so many homeowners also choose to pu…Read More

  3. Things To Do In The First 24 Hours After A Flood

    A flood is a natural disaster that no homeowner wants to think about. The idea of your bedroom, living room, your landscaping, and possibly all of your possessions being underwater is a horrifying one. Although we drink it, wash our clothes in it, and spray it on our lawns, water can be a destructive force. The best defense against flooding is to be prepared. A good home flood insurance policy is …Read More

  4. What Does Your Flood Insurance Cover?

    When you own a home or business, you get the basic insurance that will cover you against fire, theft and even vandalism but many owners do not think twice about getting flood insurance. At Superior Flood, we want to tell you that you should consider insurance even if you don’t live in a floodplain. Whether you need flood insurance for your house or your business, there are three many components …Read More

  5. More Things You Should Know Before Getting Flood Insurance

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  6. A Rise In Sea Level Is Good Cause To Get Flood Insurance

    We hear on the news all of the time about the threat of global warming. Evidence proves that the Earth’s climate is warming and this trend is threatening to cause flooding in the coastal cities. If you look at a satellite image the state of Florida from even 20-30 years ago, you can see changes in the coastline because of the rise in sea levels. As more information comes on about melting ice cap…Read More

  7. More Common Flood Insurance Myths

    Flood insurance can be a great thing when you are dealing with the aftermath of a lot of water, but many Americans choose not to obtain flood insurance because they have heard something that makes them believe they don’t need it. At Superior Flood, we know that there are a lot of myths out there about buying flood insurance from a flood insurance company. But we want to help expel some of the my…Read More

  8. Floods That Make You Want Flood Insurance

    When it comes to getting flood insurance, many homeowners choose to not purchase a plan. They may feel like they don’t live in an area that can see a lot of water at a time. But more recently we are seeing that flooding can happen just about anywhere. As your flood insurance company we would like to talk about some of the most recent cases where having flood insurance would have saved you thousa…Read More