1. Louisiana Flooding Is ‘Worst Natural Disaster’ Since Superstorm Sandy

    It was easy to be distracted from what's happening in Louisiana with all the media attention focused on the recent international games in Rio De Janeiro, but make no mistake about it: our fellow Americans in the Bayou State are drowning. Triggered by record rainfalls, and some say, climate change, flooding in Louisiana has reached disastrous proportions. The floods have already claimed the lives o…Read More

  2. Why Private Flood Insurance Is So Important

    Being a homeowner can be a joyful, fulfilling experience. When you live in apartments and even houses owned by someone else, you never really feel fully invested in the appearance or upkeep of the dwelling. When people become homeowners for the first time, they start to think about things they’ve never been worried about before, like the need for quality flood insurance companies. Whether you l…Read More

  3. We Want Your Home To Be Safe And Protected For Years To Come

    The first time you ever walked into your home, you probably found yourself imagining some of the happy moments that might eventually take place there. Maybe you saw yourself making cookies with your first child in the kitchen, or watching movies with your spouse in the living room. Chances are, you never imagined the destruction and mayhem that would happen after a flood. Sadly, this is a scenario…Read More

  4. 5 Troublesome Myths About Flood Insurance

    As providers of high quality flood protection, we’re always saddened when customers try to explain why they don’t need to buy flood insurance. Over the years, we’ve heard every myth and excuse in the book, and we know how much damage this misinformation can cause. It’s our desire for everyone to be protected in the case of a flood, no matter where they live or how much of a threat they per…Read More

  5. Is Mold Growing In Your Home After Flooding?

    It can sometimes be difficult to justify the cost of flood insurance, especially if you don’t live near bodies of water or in a climate where flooding is common. That’s why Superior Flood Inc. offers comprehensive policies at an affordable price that puts flood coverage within the reach of all homeowners. Seeing water invade your home can be shocking. In the hours and days after a flood, it’…Read More

  6. More Common Flood Insurance Myths

    Flood insurance can be a great thing when you are dealing with the aftermath of a lot of water, but many Americans choose not to obtain flood insurance because they have heard something that makes them believe they don’t need it. At Superior Flood, we know that there are a lot of myths out there about buying flood insurance from a flood insurance company. But we want to help expel some of the my…Read More