1. Emotional Recovery After A Flood

    If you ever experience flooding in your home or business, it’s likely to be one of the most stressful and sad times of your life. One of the reasons we went into the flood coverage business was because we saw how much of an individual’s life can be destroyed when they suffer a flood without flood coverage. On one hand, there are the physical damages you suffer when you don’t have flood cover…Read More

  2. The Reason Some Louisiana Families May Never Recover From These Floods

    As we detailed in a previous post, Louisiana is currently in a state of disaster thanks to recent catastrophic flooding. While natural disasters like this can’t be prevented, it’s likely that they will become more common as the Earth’s climate continues to change. Nothing underscores the importance of private flood insurance quite as well as what’s unfolding in the Bayou State right now. A…Read More

  3. Louisiana Flooding Is ‘Worst Natural Disaster’ Since Superstorm Sandy

    It was easy to be distracted from what's happening in Louisiana with all the media attention focused on the recent international games in Rio De Janeiro, but make no mistake about it: our fellow Americans in the Bayou State are drowning. Triggered by record rainfalls, and some say, climate change, flooding in Louisiana has reached disastrous proportions. The floods have already claimed the lives o…Read More

  4. Why Private Flood Insurance Is So Important

    Being a homeowner can be a joyful, fulfilling experience. When you live in apartments and even houses owned by someone else, you never really feel fully invested in the appearance or upkeep of the dwelling. When people become homeowners for the first time, they start to think about things they’ve never been worried about before, like the need for quality flood insurance companies. Whether you l…Read More

  5. Country Music Star Rebuilds Homes Lost To Flooding In West Virginia

    Most of the time, when you hear about the need for flood protection in the news, it’s during the aftermath of a destructive storm or other disaster that destroyed people’s homes. As trusted flood protection providers for more than 20 years, Superior Flood Inc. knows that nothing reinforces the need for a quality flood insurance policy the way that a first-hand experience can. Flash-Flooding St…Read More

  6. Get Ready To Pay More For Your NFIP Flood Insurance!

    Batten down the hatches everyone, the flood coverage rate increases we warned you about are starting to make their way onto homeowners’ billing statements all over the country. We published news of this looming flood coverage rate increase back in early June, 2016. We understand how carefully many homeowners need to watch their financial expenditures, and we speculated that this increase from th…Read More

  7. Does Your Business Need Flood Insurance?

    Most people don’t even want to think about what they would do if a flood threatened their home. It’s difficult to even imagine what it would be like to have water gushing in under the door, or bubbling up from a broken plumbing line in the basement. Unfortunately, this is a reality for far too many people each year. “In the United States, where flood mitigation and prediction is advanced, fl…Read More

  8. 4 Surprising Things Not Covered By NFIP Flood Policies

    Most individuals realize that a home is a serious investment. Because of this, most people take all of the necessary precautions to protect their investment. You may purchase homeowner’s insurance to make sure that unforeseen damages and liability are taken care of. Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so many homeowners also choose to pu…Read More

  9. Unraveling The Dangerous “100-Year Flood” Myth

    As expert providers of home flood insurance, we cringe every time we hear a TV journalist or blogger use the term “100-Year flood.” This term is dangerous for several reasons, including the fact that it’s more metaphorical than literal. Keep reading as we unravel the myth of a once-a-century flood, and find how how you can protect yourself from any type of flood with home flood insurance. O…Read More

  10. We Want Your Home To Be Safe And Protected For Years To Come

    The first time you ever walked into your home, you probably found yourself imagining some of the happy moments that might eventually take place there. Maybe you saw yourself making cookies with your first child in the kitchen, or watching movies with your spouse in the living room. Chances are, you never imagined the destruction and mayhem that would happen after a flood. Sadly, this is a scenario…Read More