Most individuals realize that a home is a serious investment. Because of this, most people take all of the necessary precautions to protect their investment.

You may purchase homeowner’s insurance to make sure that unforeseen damages and liability are taken care of. Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so many homeowners also choose to purchase a separate flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. It’s from the government so the NFIP policy must be the best flood insurance on the market, right? The answer isn’t quite that simple.

You might be surprised to learn that an NFIP flood insurance policy doesn’t actually cover all of the damage and lost property that may result from flooding.

Read on to discover some surprising things that may not be covered by your flood insurance policy and how Superior Flood Inc. can help get you more comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

Mold & Mildew

Where there’s moisture, there’s almost guaranteed to be mold and mildew. That’s why so many homeowners are surprised to learn that NFIP flood insurance policies don’t cover all damage from moisture, mold, and mildew. According to Floodsmart.gov, “Damage caused by moisture, mildew or mold that could have been avoided by the property owner,” typically isn’t covered. But what does that mean? How can you prevent mildew when your floors are full of water? This damage is typically evaluated on a case by case basis, and you may not be pleased with the results.

Certain Valuables

Do you collect valuable coins? Does your wife have a collection of antique jewelry that has been passed down for generations? Are you keeping stock certificates in a safe or filing cabinet somewhere in your house? You’ll probably be surprised to learn that currency, precious metals, and valuable papers aren’t covered by NFIP flood insurance policies.

Landscaping Features

Flood insurance policies typically cover buildings and the items housed inside them, but there’s plenty of valuable property outside of the buildings on your land. Think about your swimming pool, gazebo, deck, patio, hot tub, or other landscaping features that add beauty and value to your property. If a flood comes and washes these features away, your NFIP flood insurance policy won’t be any help.


Besides your home, your car is probably one of the most valuable and essential pieces of property that you own. Unfortunately, self-propelled vehicles such as cars, trucks, tractors, and their parts aren’t covered under your NFIP flood insurance policy.

Do you find it hard to believe that NFIP flood insurance policy rates are on the rise when so many important aspects of your life aren’t even covered? We feel the same way. That’s why Superior Flood Inc. specializes in residential flood insurance policies that fill in the gaps left behind by the NFIP, and at a greater value!

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