1. Emotional Recovery After A Flood

    If you ever experience flooding in your home or business, it’s likely to be one of the most stressful and sad times of your life. One of the reasons we went into the flood coverage business was because we saw how much of an individual’s life can be destroyed when they suffer a flood without flood coverage. On one hand, there are the physical damages you suffer when you don’t have flood cover…Read More

  2. The Reason Some Louisiana Families May Never Recover From These Floods

    As we detailed in a previous post, Louisiana is currently in a state of disaster thanks to recent catastrophic flooding. While natural disasters like this can’t be prevented, it’s likely that they will become more common as the Earth’s climate continues to change. Nothing underscores the importance of private flood insurance quite as well as what’s unfolding in the Bayou State right now. A…Read More

  3. Unraveling The Dangerous “100-Year Flood” Myth

    As expert providers of home flood insurance, we cringe every time we hear a TV journalist or blogger use the term “100-Year flood.” This term is dangerous for several reasons, including the fact that it’s more metaphorical than literal. Keep reading as we unravel the myth of a once-a-century flood, and find how how you can protect yourself from any type of flood with home flood insurance. O…Read More

  4. Things To Do In The First 24 Hours After A Flood

    A flood is a natural disaster that no homeowner wants to think about. The idea of your bedroom, living room, your landscaping, and possibly all of your possessions being underwater is a horrifying one. Although we drink it, wash our clothes in it, and spray it on our lawns, water can be a destructive force. The best defense against flooding is to be prepared. A good home flood insurance policy is …Read More

  5. What Causes Flooding In Your Area?

    You have heard the term “flood” before but do you really know what that means? Flooding is when there is an overflow of water on dry land whether that is only a few inches or the water goes up past your roof. Flooding can happen in any season and anywhere. When it comes to flood insurance, it is important to know that you are at risk even if you are not in a floodplain. It is cheaper to have f…Read More

  6. Flood Facts

    We have talked a lot about why you should make the leap and invest in flood insurance. No one can ever predict if you will be one of the millions that experience floods every year. Of course, we want you to know everything you can about the risk of floods so we thought we would tell you some of the facts that are out there regarding floods so that you know exactly what you are risking if you don…Read More

  7. Be Prepared With Flood Insurance

    Most homeowners in America think that they don’t need a flood insurance policy. In fact, there are only about 5.3 million flood insurance policies in the United States. Many people think that because they don’t live on a floodplain or near water that they are safe from floods. The truth is, if you get rain, you should consider home flood insurance.  According to floodsmart.com, all 50 states …Read More

  8. More Things You Should Know Before Getting Flood Insurance

    In the last blog we posted, we talked about some of the things to you should consider when you are thinking about getting flood insurance. We discussed the types of things flood insurance covers as well as some of the statistics when it comes to floods. In this blog, we want to talk to you about some other things that you should keep in mind when you are debating investing in flood coverage. What …Read More

  9. What You Should Know Before Getting Flood Insurance

    There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about buying flood insurance. If you have read any of our blogs in the past, you know that there are a lot of myths out there and that you need to do some research before you make such a huge decision. At Superior Flood, we think that there are a few more things that you should know when you are debating purchasing flood insurance. Flooding is the n…Read More

  10. A Rise In Sea Level Is Good Cause To Get Flood Insurance

    We hear on the news all of the time about the threat of global warming. Evidence proves that the Earth’s climate is warming and this trend is threatening to cause flooding in the coastal cities. If you look at a satellite image the state of Florida from even 20-30 years ago, you can see changes in the coastline because of the rise in sea levels. As more information comes on about melting ice cap…Read More